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Tutorial - Macrame planter

La Bobineuse presents a tutorial that will guide you in making your macrame planter.

On a beautiful summer afternoon, a walk in the park turned into a creative session. By tying the ring temporarily with a scrap yarn, you too can create macrame planters wherever you are. At the park, at the cottage, on the balcony, in the backyard, in the house... the possibilities are endless! Tell us where you settle for your creations.

You will find the kit needed to make the planter right here.

You can also order the elements separately:

The rope of your choice, in bulk
The wooden rings

We used 30 meters of 3mm rope in mustard color, as well as a 63mm wooden ring.

The final dimensions of our planter are:

Total length of our planter: 1 meter
Cable section length: 33 cm
Diamond length: 10 cm

Dimensions of our plant pot:
9cm at base
18cm tall

Share photos of your planters with us on social media by adding the #labobineuse

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