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To know everything about our FAMOUS house blends!!

If you've been to the store at least once, you're no doubt familiar with our house blends.

Some don't really understand why anyone would want to venture into knitting with these meters of untwisted yarn, while others LOVE them and develop a deep addiction to these beauties.

To understand them, you have to know where they come from. It is in fact all that remains of the old version of the Bobineuse, the one that closed the doors in 2013 . Before saying goodbye forever to the big machine that was used to wind together several strands of yarn, all that remained was wound to form these huge colorful balls.

In bulk, the house mixes are:

  • Large balls made from a mixture of various fibres, mainly cotton and/or acrylic. They are colorful and all unique and it is often difficult to find 2 identical ones.
  • The bullets have a minimum weight of around 250 grams, but can weigh up to 400 grams.
  • They are composed of 6 to 12 strands, sometimes more!
  • The strands are wound parallel, that is, they are not twisted or "twisted" together.
  • They are knitted on average with needles of 5mm and more.
  • They hook very well, especially with large hooks.

What can be done with these mixtures? Everything you can imagine!

Our customers make blankets, rugs, ponchos, sweaters, dishcloths, socks, baby toys, scarves, hats, etc. The beautiful big blankets that adorn the store's sofas were made from these mixtures!

Fabio, who is without a doubt the member of our team most passionate about these mixtures, makes them wonders!

Fabio and his cardigan from the frontFabio and his cardigan, from behind

Her tip #1: feel free to choose several different blends and knit them together! Experiment!

Then he always puts them through the winder to make nice flat balls and eliminate potential knots before starting to knit.

Her latest project with the house blends: Whitney Hayward's Watkins cardigan. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! See for yourself!!

Watkins cardigan

Why don't we sell them online?

  • It is difficult to keep an up-to-date inventory of these mixes since the majority of balls are unique.
  • They all have a different composition, number of strands, weight and yardage.
  • They are sold by weight.

On your next visit to the store, do not hesitate to linger at the back of the store and familiarize yourself with these beautiful blends. And if Fabio is there, take the opportunity to ask his opinion, he will undoubtedly have a project to offer you!!

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