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Ergo straight needles

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Ergo straight needles


Innovative ball knitting needles from Prym Ergonomics are synonymous with simple knitting. The white alabaster ball knitting needles are made of high performance synthetic material and are light, soft and comfortable in the hand. Due to the teardrop shape of the points, the ball knitting needles are also suitable for beginners, as the yarn does not slip off the point so easily and the yarn take-up is also much easier. The needle shank is round at the front and then triangular - this allows the stitches to slide freely and easily. The clip-on heads are also well designed and on the one hand hold the two needles as a pair and on the other hand serve as a needle guard.

The needle size is printed on the center of the needles.

All in one: Prym Ergonomics ball knitting needles offer real knitting pleasure - even with extended use.


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