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Knitting on vacation? Yes or no?

All the knitting enthusiasts in this world will tell you that knitting or crocheting on vacation is YES! All you have to do is plan your equipment well and you don't have to deprive yourself of your favorite activity, no matter where you are or how you get there.

Whether we go to the chalet by car or to the other side of the globe by plane, the basics of our planning remain the same: we must be well organized.

First, we will think about our project. If you're confined to a vehicle for several hours, wandering from place to place, it may not be the best time to work on the enormous 2 meter by 1 meter shawl that hangs out in the living room sewing basket. Better to leave him alone at home and come back after the holidays. We will rather choose something small, which can be transported well . Socks, mittens, a hat, even a sweater!

Which brings me to my second point: the complexity of the project. If we have to get up all the time to let our seatmate go to the bathroom, or even pass snacks to our offspring in the backseat, probably the complex twist charter project is not the idea. of the century! Choose something simple , where you just have to count the rows (or not!) or repeat the same sequences of stitches without having to undo everything in case of error.

Case Sarah in the moon, zipper, accessories

It is important to have everything to hand, to be able to transport everything easily. It is therefore necessary to have a small project bag in which we can put our work , an additional ball of wool (the others, if necessary, can be stored in the luggage) and a small case containing our accessories . I love my Sarah in the Moon zipper case which is just the right travel bag size. Only the essentials should be included : a pair of folding scissors (or children's scissors, with a round tip), a finishing needle , a few stitch markers , a row counter and a retractable tape measure . With that, we should be able to complete pretty much all the basic projects.

You will also have to think about needles. If you're more of a crochet type, the choice is simple, but if you're more of a knitting type, my personal recommendation is in favor of circular needles. If you do knit in a circle, whether it's socks, a sweater, or a hat, I recommend circulars over double-pointed needles. The needles will always remain attached to the cable (and thus, to the work) and there is much less risk of losing one between the two seats! Even if you knit flat, I still lean towards using circular needles. Being shorter, they are less cumbersome in tight spaces and, once again, no risk of losing one in an incongruous place!

Wondering if you can really bring your knitting on the plane? The answer is yes! I've done it a few times before, bound for the US, Caribbean and Europe and never had any issues going there or coming back. The website of the Canadian Air Transport Security Administration tells us that it is perfectly permitted to transport needles and hooks of all materials, in carry-on baggage and in checked baggage.

Finally, the choice of fiber can also be an important factor. If you plan to knit on the beach, in the bright sun (lucky!!), you will undoubtedly appreciate working with a lighter material such as cotton , which will not risk felting between your fingers! Make sure the hanks are baled before you leave home, or you'll have to befriend your seatmate fast!

So there you go, treat yourself, enjoy your vacation, relax and, above all, knit!

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  • Cet été, à l’aéroport d’Athènes, en Grèce, on a refusé de me laisser passer avec mes aiguilles à tricoter. J’ai dû les laisser aux agents de sécurité. Quelle déception! C’est surement plutôt rare, mais ça arrive.
    Bon tricot! :)


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