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Band labels for your knitted gifts

You've put a lot of time and love into knitting gifts for your loved ones so here are some headband labels to print at home for the finishing touch.


There's nothing that says Quebec winter like a pair of corn cob slippers (commonly called Phentex Slippers, even though they're not always made of Phentex!) Warm and comforting, these slippers remind me of cold evenings in my childhood, spent in the basement of my grandparents (the first arrivals could choose the most coveted pair of slippers .) Moreover, this pattern is based on that of my grandmother, or at least, on my memories of this one because, of course, it was inked in his head, but written nowhere! It probably looks like your grandmother's, or the farm women's circle in your area...

Tutorial - Macrame planter

La Bobineuse presents a tutorial that will guide you in making your macrame planter. On a beautiful summer afterno...

Wooly coloring pages to download

Coloring is a great way to add color to our days! If your little ones are looking for an activity while you knit, give them these cute woolly designs that hope for nothing better than to be filled with color!

Trio of dryer balls

Yarn balls in the dryer? Yes! Why? Ahhhh. For several reasons in fact! Dryer balls help reduce drying time (therefore reducing the electricity bill) by 10% to 25% by absorbing some of the humidity and separating the clothes from each other. They replace the fabric softener by also eliminating static and this without harmful products for the environment or allergenic perfumes. Unlike plastic balls or tennis balls, these are made of natural material and 100% compostable so at the end of their life, that is to say about 500 loads, they can go to compost. Are you convinced?

Autumn Yellow Bulky Leggings

For some people, autumn rhymes with the release of scarves and small mittens, for others, it is the ears that claim to be hidden first. For me, the first trees to change color invite me to take out my leggings to enjoy my little boots a little while walking in the dead leaves! These leggings are PERFECT for that! They are robust, warm, resistant, and knit very quickly. The twist pattern gives them a bit of character and goes well with anything! To recreate these leggings you will need 2 skeins of 113 grams (77 meters) of 100% bulky wool from Laines Douceur de Kamouraska in the color of your choice.

Checkerboard Scarf

Autumn is slowly setting in and it's that time of year when we resort to our raincoats and scarves to keep our necks warm! This scarf, I had first made it for my lover, but his recent coats all have rather high collars, to my delight and that of my teenager! Alternately, we wear it and enjoy its softness, nice length, and oh-so-comfortable textured pattern. To make your own, you will need 400 grams of DK weight yarn.

The cover of remains

This summer, my family and I moved. Not very far, but still just far enough to have to pack all our possessions to move them home. Making boxes also requires sorting and you know like me that when we tackle our wool stocks, it can take a long time! Of course, there were the ongoing projects, the almost finished ones, the abandoned ones, the precious skeins that don't yet have a specific project assigned but that I just keep for the right moment... But there was also a small pile of leftovers. Leftovers of acrylic brought back from a workshop, leftover mixtures that were used to make models for the store, samples ordered from suppliers. All of these leftovers were never going to become a project on their own, but by working together, they could definitely turn into the BEST comforter in the world! For collectors and lovers of leftovers like me, here is some technical information that could guide you if you feel like snuggling up in a unique blanket this winter.

Pattern: The F Scarf

Why the F scarf? Because the idea came from a collaboration between Fanny and Fabio, in the middle of February and it is knitted in wool Fluffy ! Warm and plump, a mixture of Merino and Alpaca knitted in garter stitch, it takes up all its place in your neck to keep you warm! However, its soft colors call spring. It will therefore be perfect for the months to come! Knitted in a chunky yarn, with 10mm needles , this scarf will be around your neck in no time. Don't let the twist intimidate you, it's so simple, yet so charming!

Twisted headband

This headband is a perfect accessory. Adorned with a very small twist of nothing, not intimidating at all, but so pr...

simple beanie

Winter lets itself be desired, but one thing is certain, cooler weather will eventually arrive! We don't want to get...


The classic cotton dish cloth is knit from corner to corner. This is a great project for practicing increases and dec...
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