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There's nothing that says Quebec winter like a pair of corn cob slippers (commonly called Phentex Slippers, even though they're not always made of Phentex!) Warm and comforting, these slippers remind me of cold evenings in my childhood, spent in the basement of my grandparents (the first arrivals could choose the most coveted pair of slippers.) Moreover, this pattern is based on that of my grandmother, or at least, on my memories of this one because, of course, it was inked in his head, but written nowhere! It probably looks like your grandmother's, or the farm women's circle in your area...

The trick to creating the spikes is to knit with 2 different colors and follow the yarns, stretching them a bit (of course, you can make your slippers in one color if you want. Just divide your ball into 2 and follow the same instructions).

The wool we recommend is a rustic, local wool, which is made to keep your feet warm.

The Resistance
100% Worsted wool

Any yarn of a similar weight will do. However, be aware that if the slippers are worn often, for a long time and on hard floors, regardless of the wool used, they will end up with holes. The best trick to increase the durability of your slippers is to sew a sole (made of jeans or recycled leather, for example, cut to the size of the foot) under the foot. As a bonus, a sole will help make the slippers less slippery.

That said, for rocking by the fire, these beautiful corn cob slippers will pamper your foot and keep you warm!

Download the free pattern in PDF format.

Corn on the cob slipper pattern

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