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Needle felting is an easy way to learn the art of felting. In the DIY kit of small felt ornaments, you will find everything you need to make at least one ornament for your Christmas tree.

* a block of polyester
* cookie cutter
* carded wool: one main color and accent colors
* a felting needle
* a sewing needle
* a piece of cotton yarn

First, set up your polyester block on a firm surface, but not directly on the table, the needle could damage it. A cutting board or a piece of heavy cardboard will do. Place your cookie cutter on the polyester block and prepare your material.

Tear off a piece of yarn in the main color much like you would tear off a piece of cotton candy. No need to cut it, the fibers will come off on their own.

Place the piece of wool in your cookie cutter. With your felting needle, begin to prick the yarn in short repetitive strokes, up and down, concentrating on small sections at a time. Watch your fingers! The needle is sharp! After a few strokes, the wool will begin to bunch up and appear to shrink.

Continue stitching the yarn until it is dense and felted.

If some sections seem thinner or uneven, add yarn a little at a time and stitch there to join it to your piece.

Remove the cookie cutter and detach your ornament from the polyester block. Some places will be hairier and need a bit of adjustment. Prick with your needle to even out the entire surface.

When you are satisfied with your piece, thread your cotton thread on your sewing needle. Starting at the bottom, pass your yarn through the piece to the top, form a loop and iron it up and down, keeping the loop loose. Tie a knot at the bottom of the piece. You can add a little wool and stitch it over the knot to hide it.

Hang your ornament in your tree and admire it!

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