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Felting needles à l'unité

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Felting needles à l'unité

Felted Sky

Needle felting (or dry felting) allows for even more variety in creation to add to our woolly passions.

7 different types of needles are available.
The needles can be used as is or in a felting tool. 

36 Triangle (Black) Use this needle for the initial stages of felting, especially on large sculptural elements. This needle can also be used for attaching pieces or for flat felting.

38 Triangle (White) A good all-purpose needle, for carving or flat felting. If you only have one needle to choose from, this would be it.

40 Triangle (Yellow) Use this needle for the finishing stages of the surface. Most Felted Sky carving kits contain a needle 36T and one 40T. Also works for flat felting details.

42 Triangle (Green) Use this needle for the final stages of carving where you want to smooth the surface. Also suitable for detail work and for making small pieces, such as the leaves of the succulent set. 

38 Twisted (Brown) A good general needle for the middle stages of carving projects. It has a little more oomph than other size 38 needles.

40 Twisted (Violet) A good general purpose needle for small carving projects or for finishing larger ones. It felts efficiently without leaving large holes.

38 Star (Blue) The best needle for felting into fabric. All Painted Sky fabric felting sets come with this needle.


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