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Macrame style plant stand

Are you looking for a light and refreshing project to give your decor a summer feel? Here is a very simple little pattern, without needles, and which can be done very well with Bacaisse - made of 100% recycled polyester.

Here, it's not really a pattern, but a suggested procedure to follow. Then it's up to you how long you want your backing to be, how many strands you want to use to make it thicker or thinner, and how many knots you want to tie.

To do something similar to what I did, you will need about 8 meters of Bacaisse of the color you like, a ring and a pair of scissors. A tape measure can also be useful to properly align your knots, which has an impact on the final product.

For my support, I used 4 strands of 2 meters in length each. I folded them in half, then passed them through a ring. I tightened the knot well.

Then I tied the strands together, in pairs, about 30cm from the top. I tied a simple knot, but again here the secret is to pull it tight.

From there, creativity chooses what happens. For my part, I divided the pairs to create new ones with the neighboring strands, and I made a new simple knot 12 cm lower. Then, I divided the pairs again, but before tying the new pairs, I wound the threads on top of each other to create a "twist" effect.

The only thing to pay particular attention to during the whole process is the creation of the pairs. It is necessary to make sure that the strands do not intertwine and that one knots well 2 neighboring strands. Otherwise, our support will be a bit crooked!

Finally, after the twists, I repeated the simple pairing 5 cm lower, then I finished by making a big knot with all the strands. All that remained was to insert a small plant pot and hang my work near a window!

Feel free to experiment. Bacaisse ties easily, but it unties just as easily. It is therefore very simple to undo a row of knots that you like less and to redo them.

Above all, send us images of your work! We will share them with the other Winders!

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