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Knitting Tutorials, from La Bobineuse - Tutorial #1 Casting on stitches

Here is our very first in a long series of Knitting Tutorials that you can find both on our You Tube channel and on our Instagram page in the IGTV section.

To know everything about our FAMOUS house blends!!

If you've been to the store at least once, you're no doubt familiar with our house blends. Some do not really understand why we would want to venture into knitting with these meters of untwisted yarn while others LOVE and develop a deep addiction to these beauties.

Knitting on vacation? Yes or no?

All the knitting enthusiasts in this world will tell you that knitting or crocheting on vacation is YES! All you have to do is plan your equipment well and you don't have to deprive yourself of your favorite activity, no matter where you are or how you get there. And yes, it is allowed to bring our needles and hooks on the plane! No more excuses, on vacation, we knit!

The macrame rope - how to calculate your needs

Since we offer macrame rope at the store, many of you want to try it, but the question of quantity is always the one...
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