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Over 50 years in business! A real institution.

First opened on St. Laurent Boulevard in the late 1950s, the store was managed by Mr. Darch. Characterized by its many noisy industrial machines and the omnipresent cigarette smoke (ahh the 50's!), the old Bobineuse is all the rage. Customers rushed to get the coveted wool from the first day. After several decades of operation, the store was bought by two employees, Lise Blanchard and her sister Monique. 

At the time of the buyout in 1989, Lise moved the store to Mont-Royal Avenue between Fullum and Messier. To make matters worse, the move takes place during one of the worst recessions of the twentieth century. Her husband, Daniel Campeau came to help her for several years. Unfortunately Lise fell seriously ill and passed away in the early 2000s. Daniel takes the decision to continue his wife's work and keep La Bobineuse open.

The new generation 

After many years, it was time for Daniel to retire. That's when Vincent comes in - saving the store from permanent closure. The store then moved to its current location, 2196 Mont-Royal Avenue at the corner of Parthenais Street, on November 25, 2013.

A tightly knit community. 

Welcoming and warm, the shop offers a comfortable and lively place to come and knit with your fellow knitters. Once a month, join us for the 6 to 9 knitting event, where knitters of all levels meet to exchange ideas, tips and most of all lots of fun, over a cup of tea and little biscuits! Subscribe to our mailing list to find out the specific dates for the 6-9 or follow us on Facebook.

A store full of history and socially engaged.

The history of La Bobineuse began in the middle of the last century. At first an underground trade, the store is transformed and changes owners many times. Each year, we encourage as many non-profit organizations as possible. 

We are open and we intend to stay open for another 50 years! Come and visit 2196 Mont-Royal East, click here for opening hours!
Hope to see you soon!
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